After finishing school I started to train as a “media designer for print- and design media”. I worked for a small advertising agency for two years and started to take photos for some print mags. Very soon I discovered that I was stuck in this agency and wanted to start working for myself, also to give my creativity some space to grow.

Becoming self-employed with 21 was a big challenge for me.

Since 2005 I have always strived to be creative, reliable, fast and modest. I have a vision and work really hard on everything. It seems that my clients value my determination and the easy communication with me and my team and also the fact that I’am able to set my mind exactly on any task my clients give me.

After all these years I can call this level: STANDARD

For bigger projects or tasks which are not my field (e.g. website coding) I work together with some freelancers who have become good friends and kind of family. We’ve worked on big, small, crazy, hectic or tricky graphic jobs or photo productions and got everything together in time and all around the world.

And this still works perfectly.

Working with a freelance-team makes every single challange possible. I just add or reduce man-power according to the requirements. Even the costs are directly adapted to each project, which is really different to big agencies with big monthly costs.